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What I Hate About. . . Many Christian Churches!

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What I Hate About. . . Many Christian Churches!
What I Hate About
Many Christian Churches!

Most Christian church members just don’t seem to get it. And I am really not a church basher. . . BUT. . .I recently visited a small neighborhood church in DuPage County where most of the talk was about supporting other organizations that are, as a matter of fact, doing good things.

For example: Judy shared excitedly that she wanted to find credible organizations that help prevent human trafficking or help to rescue these victims so she could send them money to further their cause.  Good idea, right?  Well, I lied to her as I commended her on being smart for making sure that her money went to credible organizations.   Judy, I will return and apologize to you for this.

But really, I was crying, maybe dying. . .inside.  How could this lady miss the immediate needs within 15 minutes of her church -  some of the very people who would be at risk for human trafficking – that could benefit from her concern directly? 
So. . . here’s what I really hate.

That churches will take on great and commendable projects that are far away -- Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines, Jamaica, Romania – and leave the poor, disadvantaged, disenfranchised across the street – to fend for themselves.  Unlike sending money or taking an expensive trip, most of these local people don’t need money, expensive gifts or costly procedures.

Most of these local people just need to be loved, understood and validated.  They need the connection to our successful mindset to help them see the world through a different prism – one that gets them on track for awesome, highly rewarding life experiences. Christians just need to follow the example of Jesus to touch lives directly and stop being so distant.

That’s why I like some of the things that the All Nations Fellowship SDA Church and other churches are doing with teens and children in disadvantaged communities.  They’re helping them develop a mindset for success using a unique combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) along with the Performing Arts and the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They’re enriching the lives of those kids, preparing them for future careers and college while teaching fundamental  Biblical Christian values. "There’s a lot of work to be done and it’s a lot of fun", says Michael C, one of the organizers.

Stop in at this little church with a big heart to learn more at their Neighborhood Fall Fest on October 31 from 5-7pm. Some of the kids they are working with will be performing Bible SuperHeroes and creating a Laser Light Show for neighborhood residents and members. Bring your kids/teens for candy, ice cream and lots more - No tricks, Just Gospel Treats.  Trick or Treaters are welcome.  Piano concert starts at 5pm.
Address:  3700 Fairview Ave, Downers Grove, IL  60515
Tel:  630.465.0570