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Why Falling in Love Can Make 2016 Even Better than 2015

Why Is Falling in Love One of the Top 3 Success Strategies for 2016?

Don’t fall into that routine trap again. Make 2016 Different.
Top 3 Success Strategies for 2016 -- and beyond -- are:
1. Celebrate, 2. Be Generous, and 3. Fall In Love

. . .but don't get stuck in perceiving life as mostly routine.  
The TOP 3 Success Strategies for a Super Succesful 2016 are:

1. Celebrate every second of your life as if it were A New Year – Celebrate your successes and blessings by the moment, convert your mistakes into opportunities for success – as time allows you -- and enjoy every single moment of time.  In some ways, routines are good.  God made routine cycles like days, weeks, months, etc. but, life experiences each day and each week can easily suffer from the ROUTINE TRAP where we anticipate the same experience from one day - or one week -- to the next.  You'll get much more done with a deep and ongoing sense of gratitude while also realizing that every second of your life is a brand new event that has never happened before and will never happen again -- just like 2016 (the new year) only happens once -- never before and never again.  Seize each moment as a new one - never to be repeated and remember Proverbs 27:1 that reminds us that tomorrow is not promised.  Incidentally, neither is the next second, so celebrate God's continuously increasing presence in your life.  Are you willing?

2. Take Your Generosity to Even Higher Levels -- Be even more generous with your love, time, forgiveness and your material resources, too. 
  • Provide praise, support, understanding, food, money. 
  • Carry someone else's burden. 
  • Validate every human in your path -- somehow. 
The bible teaches us that Generosity – the genuine kind – loops right back to those who are generous because God repays him or her.  Proverbs 19:27; 22:9; among other passages make this clear.  Remember also John 15:13, that reminds us:  Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. 
Be real generous - even with your life.  It's how we know God's love is in us.

3. Fall In Love, Stay in Love, Continue Being in Love, Get Personal -- with Jesus Christ. . . again and again and again.   It's guranteed to be better than:
  • food,
  • money,
  • shelter
  • gadgets and
  • things --
  • more than New Year Celebrations.  
If you’ve never been in love, start now -- with Him, of course.  
Otherwise, just get personal with Jesus, the Christ, over and over and over again.  The whole foundation of 2016 success -- and beyond -- is right here. It's all about total peace, total happiness, ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction. . .and eternal life instead of eternal damnation. What more could we want?  Really?

So, why Is Falling in Love One of the Top 3 Success Strategies for 2016. . .and beyond?
With Jesus Christ It transcends time, status and gender with everything we need for a really awesome and successful life
John 14:6 -- He delcares "I am the waythe truth, and the life. . .", and he has the scars to prove it.
Want to get started with Christ and don't know how?  Need a refresher on falling in love with Him?
Click here so we can help you get started.

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